Community-Based Resources

Community-Based Resources

Help isn't one-size-fits-all. A variety of recovery support services and resources are available across Louisiana to help you or someone you love on the road to recovery.

Oxford House is a worldwide network of living houses for people with a substance use disorder who are on the road to recovery. There are currently 162 living houses in Louisiana that provide a safe, affordable living environment that is supportive to individuals on the path to recovery. Individuals can apply to live in an Oxford House during their road to recovery. They must be able to pay their share of rent and remain abstinent. Learn More

Recovery Support

Recovery support is provided in various settings. Recovery support services help people enter into and navigate systems of care, remove barriers to recovery, stay engaged in the recovery process, and live full lives in communities of their choice.

Peer Support Specialists

Peer Support Specialists are people who have gone through and been successful in the recovery process and who help others experiencing similar situations. Through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment, Peer Support Specialists assist individuals and stay engaged in the recovery process and reduce the potential of relapse.

Regional Recovery Hubs

Regional Recovery Hubs serve as drop-in sites, with a dedicated team of Peer Support Specialists, recovery coaches, public education, prevention efforts, and advocacy, all in a relaxed and non-medical setting. Visitors can benefit from a broad array of services, regardless of where they are in their recovery journey, from individual peer mentoring, to group meetings, to referrals for treatment and/or recovery support services. Locations are currently in Baton Rouge, Covington, Morgan City, New Orleans and Shreveport.

Faith-Based Support

Faith-based organizations play an important role in not only providing support to individuals about options to begin opioid recovery but also in helping educate their congregations about the danger of opioids. Building a partnership with faith-based organizations can help give individuals who are seeking help the best possible outcomes on their road to recovery.

Rather than using prescription painkillers to treat pain, consider an approach that can help get you feeling better without the risk that comes with the use of opioids. These options have fewer side effects and can provide the same level of relief from pain. Learn More